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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Preventing Kidney Damage

Preventing Kidney Damage

Your kidneys are one of the vital organs of your body. They are in charge of shifting the overabundance of water and body waste in the body (Excretion).
Keep your kidneys safe by following these simple health guidelines:
1.       Avoid excessive intakes of protein. Taking in excessive amounts of protein increases the metabolic load on the kidneys.
2.       Avoid painkiller abuse. Research has shown that taking pain killers for too long diminishes the blood stream and weakens the kidneys.
3.       Quit smoking! This practice is harmful to every organ of the body and to the kidneys in particular.
4.       Reduce your sodium intake: Salt is the main wellspring for the sodium we ingest. When we consume salt unnecessarily and excessively, our kidneys our condemned to discharging sodium all the time, putting pressure on our kidneys in the long run.
5.       Do not consume excessive caffeine. Caffeine increases pulse. This is not good for hypertensive patients as the strain on the kidneys is increased.
6.       Consume very little or no alcohol. Liquor and other fermented alcoholic drinks contains poisons that stretch and harm the kidneys.
7.       Take rests when sick, to prevent kidney infection.
8.       Drink enough water. When the body is not properly hydrated, the renal blood stream reduces, resulting in an amassment of poisons in the blood.
9.       Sleep enough in order to rest body organs and make room for tissue repairs.

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